Know what actions to take today to change tomorrow’s business outcomes.

We specialize in Data Science because it unlocks new actions companies can take to create value and make money. We design and build predictive analytics-based solutions that help marketers make better decisions based on actual data, not assumptions or guess work.

Our simple yet powerful Data Science solutions enable you to ask vital questions of your data in order to predict the most likely outcome, enabling you to change your behavior. No data scientist required.

Our Data Science solutions cover two areas:

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    Predictive Analytics

Revelwood Solutions


BULLSEYE is Revelwood's turnkey Customer Analytics platform for marketers that quickly provides accurate answers to the most pressing questions you have about your customers and their predictive behavior. BULLSEYE is a hosted, cloud-based service available by subscription. BULLSEYE comes with dozens of pre-built questions on retention, purchase propensity, engagement, product, profitability and segmentation to give you insights on day one. BULLSEYE is also completely customizable to answer your unique questions. Learn more.

Customer Analytics

We are driven to help marketers unlock the potential of their customers and the associated data with those customers. Our focus on business first means we understand all customers are not created equal. As a result, we work with you to first recognize the customer outcomes required by the business – whether that is identifying the most valuable customers, increasing lifetime share of customer wallet, improving the customer experience, or prioritizing all these initiatives. It’s not enough to simply understand your customers. We work with you to use the data to engage your customers in order to increase your revenue and profits.

Predictive Maintenance and Quality (PMQ)

Our goal with each and every predictive maintenance project is to help you and your organization save time, money and resources by predicting and avoiding downtime of equipment and systems. For more than 20 years, Revelwood has focused on incorporating analytics into organizational business processes. This depth of experience gives us a truly unique approach to predictive maintenance. Successful predictive maintenance solutions take data-based predictive insights and integrate them into your existing business processes and assets maintenance procedures.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

How do you accurately plan and forecast your demand when you can’t quantify the relationships between your inputs? Is there a way you can easily understand how many of each particular product you are going to sell by month for an entire year? This level of scale and complexity takes demand planning and forecasting out of the realm of traditional financial performance management and into predictive analytics. We understand this difference and help organizations to apply predictive analytics to demand challenges that exist, but are difficult to measure.

  • Ventana Research’s “Next-Generation Predictive Analytics” finds predictive analytics is being used in areas critical to revenue and profitability. More than seven out of 10 participating organizations already use predictive analytics, and the remaining 28 percent plan to.

  • KPMG research finds that few mandates are more important to the banking industry right now than a relentless attention to connecting with customers as a means of building new revenue streams.

  • A recent report by Deloitte found that the role of chief marketing officer (CMO) has been elevated over the past decade from brand and marketing plan manager to enterprise-wide revenue driver.

  • "The most critical capability of the CMO is to have a profound, deep understanding of customers and their needs and know how to engage with and serve them. This of course involves knowledge of data and analytics."

    Jamie Moldafsky, CMO | Wells Fargo

IBM Software

IBM® Predictive Customer Intelligence

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence helps you develop behavior based customer profiles and segments. Based on that insight, Predictive Customer Intelligence generates highly personalized and optimized offers and other actions, executed through any system of engagement. Combining decision management, real-time scoring and omni-channel integration allows you to have consistent, continuous and relevant customer engagements.

IBM SPSS® Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler is a Data Science platform that helps you build accurate predictive models quickly and deliver predictive intelligence to individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise. It provides a range of advanced algorithms and analysis techniques, including text analytics, entity analytics, decision management and optimization to deliver insights in near real-time. Use it to consistently make better decisions – from the desktop or within operational systems.

IBM® Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced Analytics without the complexity. It is a smart data discovery service available on the cloud, and it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. With Watson Analytics you can get answers and new insights to make confident decisions in minutes – all on your own.


IBM® Watson Analytics for Social Media

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media guides you through the traffic of social networks and automatically creates data visualizations for exceptionally insightful discoveries, all on the cloud. You can identify a topic and quickly get relevant content that shows you interesting relationships and patterns. You can easily take the pulse of your audience, gain greater visibility into a topic or market and compare results with other data sources for new insights derived from different views of information.

IBM® Watson Marketing Insights

IBM Watson Marketing Insights provides AI-powered recommendations designed to help marketers understand and anticipate customer behaviors. It recommends prioritized target audiences based on key predictors, or lets you explore your own, creating segments based on a rich profile of customer data compiled from multiple sources utilizing complex and robust queries. You can export the resulting target audience lists to any requesting application across channels in just a few clicks. Use the visual interface to construct the most impactful audience for your campaign strategies, becoming more relevant to your customers and the customer journey.

IBM® Data Science Experience

Master the art of data science; solve your toughest data challenges with the best tools and the latest expertise. IBM Data Science Experience is an interactive, collaborative, cloud-based environment where data scientists can use multiple tools to activate insights. They can use open source, tap into unique features, grow their capabilities and share successes. IBM Analytics platform offerings provide a modern analytics architecture for all your data needs, based on a consumption pricing model.