Wholesale Digital Marketing Platform


IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI)


This large B2B company wholesales product to a wide range of retailers throughout the U.S. The company currently sees $40 billion a year in sales, but its wholesale digital marketing team felt that there was more opportunity to drive additional revenue.

The company has a website dedicated to its clients. Clients log in, and can easily reorder the specific products it needs at any given time. The marketing team knew that once in this site, the clients become a captive audience. So, as part of its marketing efforts, the team was “advertising” some of its more profitable products to the customers. Their goal was to increase incremental revenue.

The team wanted to take this one step further and personalize the advertisements to each retailer. The “personalization” would go far beyond inserting just a first name, or any token-based details. Instead, the personalization would be in the form of which advertisements appeared to them once they were logged into the website. The ads would be optimized to reflect their buying history, while also promoting products that had higher price points and margins.


Revelwood knew IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence solution would be the right predictive analytics solution for this wholesaler. It could “predict” the best audience for each campaign and optimize what they are saying to individual customers by leveraging data from the company’s online ordering system and from its ad display system, specifically Adobe Experience Manager.



The solution enables the company to ask key marketing questions such as:

  • Which customers are most likely to be interested in this new product?
  • Which customers are high-volume purchasers of product X, and therefore most likely to be interested in product Y?
  • How do we drive a more relevant product and content strategy for our customers?

Today this wholesaler is running 200 digital marketing campaigns simultaneously. The PCI solution serves up recommendations and predictions on what products to market to which audiences. Predictive models identify likely buyers at over a 90% accuracy rate, which translates to millions of dollars in incremental sales.