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BULLSEYE is a hosted, cloud-based service available by subscription on IBM’s robust, Machine Learning platform.

Ready to use right out-of-the-box
BULLSEYE comes with dozens of pre-built questions on retention, purchase propensity, engagement, product, profitability and segmentation to give you insights on day one. BULLSEYE is also completely customizable to answer your unique questions.

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface
BULLSEYE shines in its simplicity with a web-based front-end. You can interact with your predictive insights via any web browser.



  • Monthly subscription pricing
  • A two-week implementation at a flat rate cost
  • Dozens of pre-built predictive models
  • Fully customizable to answer your unique questions
  • Visualization and reporting tools
  • A hassle-free, cloud-based deployment

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  • No software, just answers - perfect for a departmental purchase
  • Designed for marketers, not data scientists
  • Find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that you don't know exist
  • Improve segmentation and optimize the data you already have
  • Be smarter with the data you have to find quantifiable results


Use Cases