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Financial Governance

Today, most organizations continue to manually produce their external financial documents, such as the annual report, quarterly and annual submissions to regulatory bodies (e.g. SEC 10-K and 10-Q), the board book, bank call reports, corporate actions, and many other statutory and regulatory filings. These organizations typically face a number of challenges in the completion of external financial reports including:

  • Time-consuming, manual processes
  • Data inaccuracies
  • No audit trail documenting who made changes
  • No common system to manage the process and to manage the access to information

Revelwood can help. We partner with IBM to implement financial governance solutions that will transform your organization's Office of Finance. Our solutions leverage Cognos FSR and Cognos Disclosure Management technology so that you can quickly maximize your ROI, comply with SEC regulations, and reduce the risks, costs, and data inaccuracies that often plague the finance organization.